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[桃園Taoyuan]6/23 富邦悍將Fubon Guardians vs 樂天桃猿Rakuten Monkeys

Updated: Jul 1

樂天桃園棒球場 Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium

Date : 2024.06.23

Address : 桃園市中壢區領航北路一段1號 No. 1, Section 1, Linghang N Rd, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 320

Baseball game at 樂天桃園棒球場 (Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium) in Taoyuan, matchup between 富邦悍將 (Fubon Guardians) and 樂天桃猿 (Rakuten Monkeys).

There were many food stands inside allowing fans to enjoy delicious food while watching game.

Rakuten Girls


it was the 辣年糕趴 (Spicy Rice Cake Party) theme with Korean Lotte Giants cheerleader team. feel special blending it with Taiwanese baseball culture. there were many Korean baseball fan too.

Korean cheerleaders and the Rakuten Girls perform together 

Today's MVP 陳晨威 Rakuten 98

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