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Taiwan Airport Taxi Pickup Taiwan Call Van

Updated: May 23

Date: 2023.12.30

Phone number: LINE ID @vipcar

Information: attendant service provided +7000, starting from at least 800 NTD depending on distance and vehicle type

Menu: Lexus 7-seater airport to hotel 4,450 NTD

Introduction: My parents visited Taiwan and There are a lot of people at Taoyuan Airport these days, so I booked in advance because I thought waiting for a taxi would take a long time. When you come out, You will see your name and after checking your name, They will contact the driver outside. Everyone can speak basic English, but if you don't speak mandarin, it would be better to know the address and your trip information.

This service would be suitable for a golf trip, offers transportation to other areas as well.

I chose the 7-seater for comfort, but a variety of car models are also available, so you can choose according to your needs.

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