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Hi there! I’m Leah, and I’m originally from Korea. I’m excited to share my experiences in Taiwan with you, along with some tips for enjoying life here. My blog is a personal endeavor to  share insights, and it doesn't represent the opinions of everyone. 

My journey has taken me to Taiwan, where I’ve spent a significant part of my life. This has given me profound insights into both Korean and Taiwanese cultures.


Translation and Cultural Localization Services.

With a passion for bridging linguistic gaps and fostering cross-cultural understanding

2024: Planning, filming, and producing Instagram Reels to share more dynamic content about Taiwanese life.

          Resume Portfolio Editing and Translation Service.

2023~2024: Assisted with Taiwanese articles for 點點心理學, promoting mental health knowledge and helping to understand mental illness patients in Korean. 

          Provided insight for Taiwanese businesses looking to start in Korea.

2023: Translated various menus into Korean to make dining experiences more accessible.

          Assisted in connecting Taiwanese buyers with Korean sellers.

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